You are travelers aboard a ship with a handful of other extraordinary people making a journey from port in Eleder to Promise, which is a utopian societal experiment on the nation of Hermea.  You were each selected to join the community of Promise because you each were sent an invitation to come to Hermea and join the grand utopian experiment.  The opportunity to join the society is rare and all invitees are given time to consider their response, as all responses are final.  You have each, for your own reasons, decided to accept the invitation.  The route through the Arcadian Ocean is treacherous and the Council of Enlightenment in Hermea takes careful steps to ensure that all invitees arrive safely.  This time however, something went wrong and the ship ran into the Eye of Abendego, the permanent hurricane located North of the Shackles and West of the Sodden Lands, and have found yourself shipwrecked on a coast somewhere along your route near the Eye of Abendego